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So, I finally got around to seeing Civil War a couple of weeks ago. Since then I've been looking for fix-it fic. Yeah, 99.999% is OT3. I'm sure they are lovely, written by some amazing writers. Unfortunately I'm a OTP kinda gal. Once my brain latched on to Steve/Tony it's having a hard time accepting anything else.

Can anyone hook an old fuddy duddy up?
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Abbie is hardcore. I just love her.


Feb. 9th, 2015 08:30 pm
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Is Gotham setting up a one-way UST between Penguin/Gordon? I've tried looking at it as Oswald needing to be accepted by the "good guys" but it just doesn't feel as true as a crush on Oswald's part.

I've been thoroughly stuck in Teen Wolf fiction for over a year and am just now starting to look at other fandoms. Any recomendations? Especially in James Bond and possible Blacklist with Red/Ressler. What else is hot at the moment?
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So, I've started buying original fiction at Barnes & Noble that seems to be written by slash writers. The thing is, not all of them are good writers and, unlike fanfiction, it's not free. Is there somewhere on Dreamwidth or Live Journal that matches up fanfic writers with their pro names?

Baring that, I know some of those on my list write original stories and publish, under what name? Do you have pro m/m authors that you like? I do read other things, (I'm going through a detective story phase right now) but when I'm looking for a good romance I would like to support good writers, and not feel cheated at the same time.


Jan. 18th, 2014 09:44 pm
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I hadn't realized how much I missed you guys until I came here and started reading the personal posts again. It almost feels like getting together with the family again.

Hopefully things won't get so hectic again that I end up staying away from lack of time.
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I can't believe I've only posted once before this year. From someone that used to post, at least weekly, this is crazy. My only excuse is that work has been insane. I went 86 days without a day off and worked between 55 & 65 hours a week. Then I had 1 day off (Thanksgiving) and then not another one until Christmas Eve.

I feel totally detached from fandom. In fact the only thing I've been reading for the past few months is Teen Wolf fiction. I've listened to some podfic from Avengers, SGA and some J2 but that's about it. Have I missed anything good? Any drama? Like I said, I'm out of fandom and other than family time on Facebook may main haunts have been AO3 and news/politics.

My granddaughter has her surgery in March to separate her thumb and perhaps make 2 fingers. The doctor will decide then. It's being done at UofM Medical which is an excellent medical facility. Still, being so small we worry. Developmentally she is doing excellent and has reached all of her markers for a normal delivery, not to mention premie. We are very pleased.

Hope everyone had a great year and I hope 2014 brings even better things. We, this country, can stand to have some good news so my prayers/wishes go out there as I reflect on some of the amazing changes this country has gone though. Marriage equity in Utah you all, who would have thought?
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So, I haven't been back here in  coon's age. Life has been pretty hectic and I'm exhausted.

I have a new granddaughter, Lillie Ried, that was born 7 weeks early. She did well for being a preemie. There is a problem with her hand though, she has been diagnosed with Apert's Syndrome but it's primarily in her hand. At least that's what the current testing is showing. Her left hand is missing some bones and it's formed together like a mitten. They will be able to make 2 fingers and a thumb out of it but it won't be very good for pinching motions.

Other than that she's doing well developmentally and she's as sweet as anything.

Since my grandson is in AP math and while in 6th grade needs to go to the Jr. High for his math classes, he's moved in with me. It's just impossible for his mom to drive him to school in the morning with 2 children under 2 and 1 of them just recently out of the hospital. I'm loving it though, we are having so much fun and, although very energetic, he's a sweet boy.

Work has been kicking my ass. We are putting new system's and processes in place and my boss' are driving me crazy with a zillion emails a day. On top of that we are going through major renovations of the offices and things are in total chaos. My office is losing about 18 inches in width but at least my walls won't have the paneling falling down anymore. Nice.

Gosh, I just haven't shut up have I? See what happens when I don't visit very often?
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Work has been unbelievably non-stop, and I work in manufacturing. So busy I haven't had a full weekend in ages. So looking forward to 4 days off. I think I'm going to spend it going to the show. There are so many movies out there and I haven't seen anything since I took my grandsons to see ParaNorman. Maybe I'll take my youngest daughter to see Lincoln because she's a huge political junkie like I am.

Almost have all of my Christmas shopping done, just a couple of gift certificates and a label maker left. Think I'll spend tomorrow night drinking wine and wrapping presents. I'll save the kid's presents for last since they won't care if I get a bit sloppy the more I drink.

So, anyone reading any good fic lately? I'm still swimming in the Teen Wolf pool so I might have missed so good stuff. Since I'll have 4 DAYS OFF!!! I'm sure I will have some time for something else.
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Crap, I haven't read Dreamwidth/LJ in so long it took almost my entire lunch hour to catch up. Bad me. Not a whole lot happening though. Did notice Crack Van is posting Teen Wolf stories and I can't believe there are so many stories I just haven't read. Of course the fic has exploded in that fandom and a good story can be buried under the deluge. Plus, the fact I only go to the journals and AO3 to find them. Anything on Tumbler that isn't cross posted won't be found by me.

Still have a nice buzz from the election going on. I'll be honest, Obama won by a much larger margin than I thought he would.

I go to a Republican site to listen to them talk, it's a good way to not get buried by only one opinion. (I have a fear of becoming blinded to only one side and becoming a Fox News Lite). Anyway there are huge fights going on between moderate GOP members and the Tea Party/Christian Right. Each side is calling each other wrong.

What I find most disheartening, and one reason why I could never vote straight GOP, is the name calling. Single women are abortionists and low income people are lazy and greedy, wanting to be taken care of. I won't say it's all of them, some speak out about it, but I can say a lot of them feel that way. They have convinced themselves that the only reason Obama won was because he was offering "free stuff". Women get abortions and birth control, the poor get everything paid for and everyone else gets free health care.

I've voiced differing opinions a few times and have never been personally attacked, but I don't change minds. I don't raise too much of a stink there because it is their site. It was set up for young Republicans to go and discuss politics without censoring themselves.
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Went out to dinner with my sister and my mother. It was lovely until I realized my sister was going to vote for Romney. What's so bizarre is that she and her husband are both civil servants with nice cushy pensions, in fact he's drawing on one while he working a teaching job now. They hardly pay anything for health care because of their jobs.

Sorry, but I find it a bit hypocritical.

No, you can be for the GOP even if you work for the government. But when you bitch about government handouts and you're part of that, it's like pot meet kettle.

Sorry, had to vent and wanted to keep peace in the family.


Aug. 29th, 2012 08:18 pm
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So, took Poochy to see Paranorman. It was...OK. A little preachy but the characters were likable. What surprised me was that one of the quasi-heroes, the hot but dumb guy, ended up having a boyfriend. When did children's cartoons start having gay characters?

I loved it. I mean, it was just a throw away line but it was there. Even though the movie was about bullying, I was still left a little speechless in pleasant surprise. Also, I haven't seen any ranting about subverting children. Oh I'm sure it's out there, on those websites that I don't go to because I don't want to stomp my computer in frustration. Still, I haven't seen any rantings when I went to see what the movie was about before I took Poochy.


On a different subject, how have I not known about Sriracha Hot Sauce before? How did I think I was cooking when I was missing this amazing ingredient? I think I'm adding it to everything except oatmeal.
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So, Jeff Davis, the producer for Teen Wolf has started a fanfic contest with the winner meeting some of the cast. I mean, WTF Jeff? Do you have any idea what you're doing?

I have all kinds of concerns over this. As much as I am loving this very, very prolific fandom the stories range from amazing to god awful. I'm not sure I want to have it put under a microscope like that. I'm not sure just what they are looking for or hope to achieve. It just makes me very uncomfortable.

I love fandom and feel kind of protective and I'm afraid it's going to be just one big joke to them.

Anyway, what about all those "my lawyers won't let me read fanfic" statements? How do you bypass those?
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For the past two days I've felt a lot of anxiety. I'm not sure why, my life isn't any more stressful than it normally is (which is pretty stressful) but it just feels worse. It's like I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop or someone to start yelling at me.

Now, I'm a firm believer that, baring a physical cause, I can make myself lighten up. In fact, most of the time I have a hard time even feeling extreme emotions. I'm normally pretty settled in the middle somewhere. That's why when I get into these periods a couple times a year, it frustrates me.

So, tomorrow morning I have to go see a customer about some issues we're having and where I would normally be pretty blase' about it, all I'm feeling now is dread.

Maybe I'll read even more Sterek and pretend the world doesn't exist outside my monitor.

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People, I have found vids. I mean a load of vids and I'm spending way too much time watching them. This link is for a vid done to Don't Want to Fall in Love. Eeek!

In addition, if you haven't read Saucery's essay on why there is a real possibility of canon Derek/Stiles get thee to AO3. She's included links from the show runner and everything.

Now, I'm a cantankerous old biddy so I'm not totally believing, but when I think back to how we begged to have just a hug between Jim/Blair, I'm hopeful. Especially going by the links.

Now, if this show just doesn't piss me off like H50 did I'll be a happy girl.

So, anyone got any good Sterek icons to share?

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Day one of vacation.
  • Get up - don't shower or get dressed
  • Left over spaghetti for breakfast
  • Start reading Teen Wolf fic
  • Take breaks only for meals and the bathroom
  • Time for bed

That's it. There is an ass sized divot in my couch I've been there so long. I haven't even watched television.

My life, it's a simple thing.
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The Big Read reckons that the average adult has only read 6 of the top 100 books they've printed.

1.) Look at the list and bold those you have read.
2.) Italicize those you intend to read.
3.) Underline those you LOVE.
4.) Put an asterisk next to the books you'd rather shove hot pokers in your eyes than read.

I have 20 for sure. There are some of the "classics" that I think I read in high school, but that was ages ago. Also, I was notorious for reading the first and last chapter and skimming the rest, so I don't know if that counts.

Read more... )

What? No Faulkner?

Teen Wolf

Jun. 21st, 2012 09:29 pm
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So, this fandom seems to be growing like crazy. Any rec lists you can point me to? Any good authors I can look for? Lord knows I need another fandom like I need a few more pounds, but there it is.
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I kept seeing fic listed for this show so I thought, what the hell, and watched the pilot. It wasn't awful so I watched 3 more. Things I've decided:

1) The lead was ok
2) The girlfriend isn't annoying
3) Fast forwarding the romance angst is worth the price of Netflix.
4) The best friend is the best thing about the show
5) The dark, broody were is...well, dark & broody.
6) The fanfic seems to be about the best friend and Mr. Dark & Broody.
7) I'm in. Will not watch live though, I need that fast forward.

In other news, Poochy is being sent to a pediatric endocrinologist. He turned 11 in March and is still 54 pounds and short. They did blood work and a hand X-ray and decided to not wait for puberty before they sent him to a specialist. I am concerned but glad the new pediatrician seems to be proactive on his health care.
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So, the other day I saw a recommendation for Semaphore by Devil Doll and I want to second it. I just finished listening to it as an MP3 and I have to say it was very, very good.

In the beginning Tony and Pepper are still together and their eventual break up was handled beautifully, as was the treatment of Pepper throughout. The slow build up of Tony/Steve seemed to happen very organically. In fact, this entire story was well done. It's long and plotty, with a lot of humor but never slapstick. With the long weekend coming up you just might want to download it to your ereader or take the laptop outside and enjoy yourself. I was sorry it ended.
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Anyway, it's season finale time so I'll post a few of my thoughts.

H50 - Man, this show went from awesome to whatever in 2.3 seconds. It started with the last few episodes of last season and, baring a few individual episodes, never came back. I'm ready to stop watching and just read the fic.

Criminal Minds - Now, I don't read fic for this but it's kind of like meatloaf. It's a go to show to kill some time. I have to say their season finale was great. It was bittersweet and had that family feel that I just adore. One thing this show does well is shows that these people like each other and hang around together when they aren't working. It wasn't a cliffhanger either, it just left me happy and looking forward to next season.

Person of Interest - Yikes! Talk about a nail biter. This show is really very good, with it's two leads being made up of private, private people working together and slowly building a friendship. The secondary characters are wonderful too, with Kevin Chapman standing out as Fusco making us care for this unattractive, formerly dirty cop now working for the good guys.

Back to the finale though. It was tight and tense with surprises and angst and holy moly, I'm amazed. So much was going on it should have felt rushed. Instead it felt packed to the brim and nearly perfect.

Grey's Anatomy - Nuff said.

Tonight it's Grimm and Supernatural. I can hardly wait.