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I'm laid off this week but go back to full time next week, including having my insurance turned on again. Seriously, since last Christmas I haven't known from one week to the next what hours I'll be working.

If all goes well, and I stay working, I'll be buying a new car in August. My 2000 Neon has 160,000 miles on it. I had to put a new serpentine belt on last week and I just don't want to get into that nickle-&-dime repairs revolving door. About the only thing I can guarantee on the new car is that it will be a GM and have 4 doors. Other than that we'll see.

Bought an Ipod Touch and love it to death. I'm constantly playing with it. I've been to the APPS store every day looking at what's out there. Can't seem to get my email set up though, and I double checked my settings. Even my brother is getting frustrated by it.

Took my mother to the show last week to see The Proposal. She can't remember if the last show she saw was Rocky or Patton. Of course we teased her about how they even "talked" now.

Took Poochy to my brother's today and picked wild raspberries. It was fun even though he was afraid to eat one straight off the bush at first. Afterwards we talked about the birds eating them and tried to guess how long until some of the berries would take to get ripe. I'm tempted to take a couple of smaller bushes since he doesn't want them anymore.

Two weeks ago, when I was almost at work I saw a small deer (too big to be a fawn but not fully grown) wandering around 10 mile and John R. Folks, this is 2 miles north of Detroit. I couldn't imagine where it came from because there is nowhere around there that it could have been living. It's all industrialized in that area and no parks big enough to support that kind of wildlife.

In fannish news, I'm still watching Merlin even if I do have the episodes on disc. I'm hoping if enough people watch it NBC will also purchase Being Human.

I'm antsy for SouthLAnd to return. That is one great show. Read a good fic by [personal profile] hackthis called Son is on a Midnight Run like DeNiro that made me even hungrier for it's return. The thing is, aside from the cop that's gay (not "gay cop") I'm in love with the 2 female cops. Totally love and respect them.
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I have been informed I am not allowed to watch the Red Wings play today. Every time I watch for as little as 30 seconds the Penguins get a goal. If word got out I'm sure the local police would throw me in lock-up just to insure a Detroit victory. Or at least not curse them.

Hummm, who knew Mohamed Allie was a hockey fan?

Well, I worked 32 hours this week and will work 40 next week. I never know just what I will work. I think next week will be the first 40 hour week I've worked since before Christmas. As a treat I'll sign up for Carbonite so I don't lose all of my computer info. If I manage 2 full weeks at 40 I'll go ahead and buy an Ipod Touch.

The plague is going around now. Both Geek Guy and UPS Guy are sick, including fevers. I accused them of making out behind my daughters' backs but they both denied it. We'll see.

I've been trying to eat more fruits and vegetables lately and found out that cherries are like crack to me. I pack a whole bunch for my lunch and I find myself hurrying through my sandwich just so I can get to the cherries. Guess it's better than the Haggen Dazs Dolche de Leche I was mainlining for awhile. (Understand why I'm eating more fruits and vegetables now?)
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Star Trek was great. No spoilers but as a fan of the first run, while it was running, I have no bones to pick. My squee is firmly in place.

If I have to hear one more conservative claim that Obama is a socialist I will likely lose my shit. Seriously, the mail carrier at work today was ranting. They are so vitriolic about it that Obama might as well have sex with Bo and make the girls join in because they couldn't hate him any more. I think it's the impotence of their position making them sound like that. Hell, I sounded like that for the last 8 years.

Listen folks, he isn't a socialist. In fact he's turning out to be a lot more conservative than I would like.

Work continues to be a roller-coaster. Unfortunately it's started doing it's loops below ground things are so bad. We are moving to 1 shift next week and will officially have more people laid off than working.

I'm still working because of ISO but I'm not sure even that's enough to keep me on. There just isn't any business. I'm trying to do as much as I can but I do have issues with working overtime when I'm only getting paid for 32 hours. Especially since none of the men are on 32 hours.

Boy, sounds like my bitterness is back and I thought I'd lost it after I left QAFUS fandom.


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