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So today I was thinking about the awesomeness of gay marriage becoming legal in a few more states. All of a sudden it hit me, 10% of the United States has legalized gay marriage. How flipping awesome is that? Seriously.

Even the GOP has been backing down on their hated rhetoric, pretty much ignoring what's going on. Now a spokesman for Focus On The Family came out and said they wouldn't have a problem with a Supreme Court Justice that was gay. Do you think they've given up on the battling the winds of change?

Sure, it hasn't been totally silent but you have to admit, even 2 years ago they would have been preaching doom and gloom on the steps of the Capitol.

Funny, I remember when Mayor Newsom allowed gays to get marriage licenses in California in 2004 and the dust-up it caused. I said to myself that it was too soon, that it would set the movement back years because it would bring the socons out in droves. That it was wrong to push the issue at that time.

Five years later and we have five states with legalized gay marriage. Now it looks like New York might be next.

Iowa people, Iowa has gay marriage. When I was in the Army I remember landing at a tiny airport outside Clinton, Iowa and calling my mother and telling her I had landed in a corn field. They have legalized gay marriage.

When I realized that 10% of this great nation now allowed gay marriage something shifted inside me and I felt humbled. I thought about Mayor Newsom and how one person alone can start a movement. Yes there has been gay rights activists out there fighting diligently for the right, but it was that one Mayor that stepped up and allowed it for the first time. One man changing the face of a nation by acknowledging the needs and rights of so many.

See, I don't have a dog in this fight. I'm straight, so are my children, but I've supported gay rights from as far back as junior high. I know injustice though, and now I'm watching justice inch it's way forward. 10% people, and most of that within the past 12 months. I now firmly believe that once this economic mess is out of the way the DOMA will be removed.


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