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So, instead of listening to "real" books on the way to work and home, I listen to audiofic. What the hell, my job is stressful and it's a little joy (usually) to start the day with. It encourages me try new fandoms and authors. I also find some very good readers.

Well, I just finished listening to an old SGA story and thought I would put out the word that if you listen to audiofic you just might want to give this one a try. It's called Every Day In Every Way by VelocityGrass and read by General Jinjur.

I'll be honest, I love SGA. I'll also be honest again and say when I read stories I usually skim the sex. I've been reading fic since early Sentinel and between that and my, ahem... advancing years, I just don't find the sexy as hot as I used to. This story? 90% sex. But it's not. Yes it's full of sexy times but with each act you are with a John desperately in love with Rodney and trying, with gritted teeth and clenched hand, to keep that fact to himself, even as he's grateful for every single moment they spend together..

Rodney thinks it's an arrangement of convenience, even as he knows John is gay. Just two friends helping each other out until something better comes along. Until somehow, as time goes on, and he's starting to wonder if this just might be the best thing he's ever had.

The thing is, If I had read this story I probably would have missed out on a lot of important emotional connection. I would have skimmed, and still thought it was a pretty good read. Listening to General Jinjur's excellent reading of the story while I drove didn't allow that. Instead I found myself about 30 minutes in going "man, this is one hell of a story".

Anyway, to make a long story short, this is one of those stories that make me grateful for fanfic and the readers who also put in so much time bring us joy..
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Since I bought a Nook I'm looking for gay romance to purchase. The pro stories I've bought just seem kind of blah when it comes to the romance part. In fact, some has been actually bad, as in, even some of the less than average fan fic I've read has been better.

I would like romance, not necessarily a series but that's OK too. I do like SF, Urban Fantasy, Detective or even out and out Harlequin type of stories. Humor isn't something I look for but if it's a more sophisticated humor, like the Dreyfus Affair, that's OK.  They don't even have to be racy, just a good, solid read with decent characters. Oh, and happy endings, egads but I hate Brokeback endings.

Too Funny

Feb. 27th, 2012 12:27 pm
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My mother, 75, and I were out to dinner the other night. We were talking politics in an very adult manner. She's moderately,  conservative while I'm pretty much a flaming liberal.

Anyway, our dinner conversation perked up a bit when:

Mom: "I kinda feel sorry for Santorum, do you know what his name stands for"?
Caseylane: "Ah, kinda".
Mom: "Yes, it's that a mixture of lube and shit that happens with anal sex".
Caseylane: thinking about Dan Savage's successful campaign. "Wow, that's unfortunate...but funny".
Mom: "I know". Then she howls in laughter.

I'll have to ask her how she found out about it. I was too busy laughing at her laughter to think about the time.

On a side note, AO3 rocks. Their download epub feature is amazing and my Nook agrees. I wish everyone in the world would post their fic there so I can download it in 10 seconds flat and read at my leasure. Smooches to every single person there. The only bad thing I can think of is there there is far too litlle Monroe/Nick not to mention Renard/Nick slash posted there.
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My lovely daughter, Bratly, went to Hamtramck and bought me a dozen. Yummy.

I made my decision and bought a Nook Simple Touch. I just wanted a reader and that one met my needs. It's simple, let's me download fanfic and also library books. I also wanted to purchase from a brick and mortar, even if it is a huge chain. At least they have local people working there.

I've gone to Crack Van at LJ and started reading stories from when they opened, 2003. Right now? Sentinel and Due South. Talk about a blast from the past. Any recommendations, either "real" books or fanfic? I'll upload them and enjoy them on my shiny new toy.

Grimm, Grimm, Grimm. This show started out slow but has really picked up steam. I was actually antsy last Friday because there wasn't a new episode. Person of Interest is also grabbing my attention a lot. H50 is better now but I'm not totally in love like before, damn you TPTB for butting in.
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Why the hell is Tumblr the end all right now? How is is vastly superior to the lemming like rush to My Spack/Live Journal/Facebook/Twitter? Why should I bother?


Feb. 14th, 2012 12:50 pm
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If I were going to buy an eReader, which should I choose? One of the main requirements is ease in uploading fanfic. Bells and whistles are nice but not necessary.

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Seriously, this week has been awful. I don't think I've had any happy customers at work and, until today, got squat done.

Falling deeply in love with Grimm. As a show I was pretty underwhelmed when it first started but it really seems to be gelling now. Last night was damn creepy and satisfying. It's something I really look forward to.

Most fic is Monroe/Nick but it's not what I'm really looking for. I would prefer something with Renard but there isn't much out there. I've also read a couple of stories on some one time plot players, Roddy/Barry and they were kind of sweet. Strangely enough, as much as I would like some good fic the show doesn't demand that I fill up the weaknesses with some.

The budget I put myself on this year would do a whole lot better if it weren't for the stupid medical bills that keep popping up in my mailbox. And I have insurance.


Jan. 9th, 2012 12:34 pm
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Happy belated New Year!

My only resolution is to take my finances seriously this year. I actually didn't have any until I went upstairs to my office and tried to organize my bills to be ready for this year.

Yep, that was a wake up call. It was a flippin mess.

Of course now I'm feeling all OCD wanting to go up there and look at all of the spreadsheets and whatnot that I made, even if I don't have anything to put in. It gives me that "first day of school" feeling.

Been so busy I haven't even been reading fic...or books. I need a break or something. Especially since there is a 10 Year Canadian Shack revival going on. (Changed my icon in support). I loved the original and read every story, no matter the fandom or pairing. 500 words is just enough where you're willing to give something a try.

I have not seen the new Sherlock yet but I'm plenty spoiled. I'm expecting a lot of good fic to start surfacing soon (see above re: needing a break).

Leverage was good last night and I'm very excited about the next episode.

Southland starts next week and that's exciting. Nice to see all the great reviews it's getting. Have to say, I'm sad Ben will be paired with Sammy now. I don't actually ship John/Ben but I liked the dichotomy of their work friendship and hope that's not lost.
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I have been so flipping busy that it's been total madness. Not a minute to call my own. My house is totally trashed right now and I'm ashamed to tell you how long it's been since I mopped.


My phone was lost/stolen last week so I've been going crazy. The replacement is supposed to come today and I can hardly wait. Shopping with someone and getting separated makes you realize how much you've come to rely on those stupid things.

My knee is much better. Physical therapy is worth every nickel. Seriously, it's made a huge difference.

Fic? what fic, who's had time.

On the up side I have got all of my Christmas shopping done except a present for my mother and the family gift exchange (the game where you can steal). Of course that's another reason my house is so trashed. Presents are currently sitting in my living room waiting to be wrapped.

Tonight, honest. After PT tonight I'm going to wrap every last one so I can be done.done.done.
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So, Walking Dead is eating my brain. I am so in love with Daryl Dixon there may be a restraining order in my future. In fact, he's the highlight of the show for me. I even went looking for some fic.  I loved Norman Reedus in Boondock Saints but he's such a great character on this show.

I've been trying to catch up with Revenge since everyone around me is watching it. It's a tad soapy for my tastes but I'm soldering on because I'm hoping to find the excitement that others are talking about. So far? Nope.

Watching Person of Interest, which is amazing good. It continues to do things a bit differently and it's working out well.

Although Once Upon a Time is a visually good show I find I actually like Grimm better. Maybe because OUaT seems to take itself a little too seriously. Plus I've never liked the lead.  I still watch both shows.

My knee surgery went well but I let myself be guilted into going back to work too early. I think I should have allowed the doctor to give me that additional week. Now if only I can find a physical therapy place that takes my insurance. Of course the woman at my doctor's office that does those things isn't in today.

Well Crap

Oct. 16th, 2011 01:49 am
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About a month or so ago, Poochy downloaded some kind of kiddie game on my computer without asking. Yes I got a virus.

I did a scan, cleaned things up but it was still acting wonky so I did a system restore. Nope. My iTunes flickers like it's doing some kind of Chacha and it won't let me uninstall.

I think I have to reformat my hard drive. I hate that. Now, since the last time I have Carbonite so I'm not going to lose anything important but still. The hassle of taking it to my brother's place and having him fix it.

Would love to buy a new one but looking at the deductible for my knee surgery I just can't see myself affording it right now.

Rats and poo.
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Is anyone watching this? Last night the last 10 minutes made me hold my breath it was so intense. Man-oh-man.

I've never seen Jim Caviezel in anything before (that I know of) and I quit watching Lost before Michael Emmerson came on, so I really had no idea what to expect from these two. So far last night kind of sealed the deal for me.

The pilot was...well a pilot. I usually give them a huge pass because they are setting up the characters and the scene. It was good and had potential so I set the DVR to record. The show's only gotten better.

What impressed me last night was, not only some amazing acting from JC, but the writers are willing to let the lead be something other than good. To have a darkness to him.

So far it's my favorite new show of the season.
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So, am I the only one that went looking for Eliot/Sterling fic after the last episode of Leverage? ::shify eyes::

I think Mark Peligrino is the only reason I'm watching The Closer right now. I love that man. He's not ready to kick Mark Sheppard off of my sexiest man list but he's hanging around. Of course the TWoP group are slashing him with Buzz. Can't say it's a pairing I would be interested in but I've read stranger.

I need to clean my home office. My desk is such a mess that I don't even feel comfortable going up there to read fic. As a result I'm squinting at my iTouch a lot.

We have a new addition to the family. Sadly I can't find a way put imbed her picture. I know there's a way to do it but DW only shows me out to imbed from an http: site.

Just got a new Android phone, is there a way to turn on a spellcheck? I fail at being able to actually spell words correctly.

I Give Up

Aug. 19th, 2011 12:47 pm
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Dear Fandom,
I admitted I was your bitch years ago. Why oh why do you rub that fact into my face?

Case in point; I'm downloading audiofic to my iTouch for listening on my drive to work. I come across a Foxtrot/Calvin & Hobbs college fic. Did I feel disgust at slashing these guys that I usually see as children, even if they are all grown up in the story?

Nope, not at all.

I instead thought, hummm...It's over an hour, I'll give it a try. It's turned out to be a PG (so far) story that's actually kind of sweet. Still, there must be something wrong with me that I would even read it. Right?

In other news I'll be posting photos of my new granddaughter later. Man, every single time I forget just how tiny those things are. She's lovely though and has the feet of a hobbit. Do kids work like dogs, the bigger the feet the bigger they end up?
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I don't watch Merlin. I did watch the first season but not much since then. I still read the fic, not obsessively, but the show itself just kind of bores me.

Hawaii-50 is on my maybe list. I'm still pissed about Danny/Rachel hooking up and I may end up not watching if it's not resolved to my satisfaction. Yes, I'm petty enough to let one storyline kick me off the show. I've just started reading the fic again recently because it took so long for me to stop going into a rage just thinking about the show.

Torchwood? Dr. Who? I've stopped watching both. I gave Torchwood Miracle Day a chance, even though I'd stopped watching the original flavor, and find it not only boring but very poorly done. Shame because I love John.

I haven't watched more than a handful of episodes since Eccleston left (was forced to leave) Dr. Who. I didn't realize I watched exclusively for him until he left and I just couldn't be bothered after that. Oh I watched for awhile, liked Donna and all, but the joy was gone.

Every once in a while I'll go back and try an episode but usually don't make it all the way through.

The reason I'm confessing is that Supernatural may fall into that category too. I didn't watch for years, while everyone else was gaga over the show. Then Castiel came in and even while hearing the enthusiastic reception I ignored it for 2 years. Then I thought, what the hell, TNT is showing it I'll give it a week.

Strangely enough my first episode was just before Dean was sent to hell (talk about timing) so within that week I saw the arrival of Castiel.

I was hooked, to put it mildly.

Now, after my love affair has fully taken root, it looks like the thing that actually made me want to watch may be gone. The rumors aren't encouraging.

So, Supernatural may become like Merlin, I'll read the fic but not bother to watch anymore. I'm not into Wincest at all and I'm not a true fan of gore so without the Dean/Cas friendship (or slash) there really isn't much to keep me around.

I don't know, maybe it's because I'm getting older, but I just don't have patience for shows that don't make me happy. Doesn't mean I won't read the fic, just that I won't bother to watch.
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Netflix has gone from something I brag about to my kick until bleeding lists. I'm dropping the instant play. They just don't have the majority of things I want to watch. I'll go back to my lonely mail subscription and be happy, damn-it. Of course now I'll have to actually buy Sherlock since I can't watch it at least once a week now. Maybe Shaun the Sheep for my grandson too. Win for the television studios and a loss to Netflix.

I hate most television shows right now. See, I used to love them but now I hate them because of what they've been doing, or plan on doing, to the characters I like. H50 is already on my bad list, as is Supernatural. Now I'm putting H50 on twice, just because. Torchwood is straddling the fence alongside White Collar, we'll see where they land.

On my happy list? Warehouse 13. I actually like the new guy, he seems a nice fit. Sadly there is nothing that's actually Must Watch Live for me right now.

In my quest to try some new fandoms I actually listened to a Bond/M fic called Queen of Spades by Resonant. I surprised myself because a) it was Bond and b) it was het. Still I like the author and the reader (Fay Jay) both so I gave it a try. It was actually very good.

Also listened to a House/Chase fic (not bad). Have a Jeeves/Wooster and Smallville set for later on the list. None of these are fandoms I'm attached to.

I've decided to put off the anime for a bit. I would need to do some research to find out the overall theme and who's who to actually give the stories a chance. I tried one without doing that and felt I was missing too much information.

Still skipping the Sam/Dean because my incest squick is so big (yet oddly I could read twincest in HP). Have a gen story I'm going to give a chance that's already downloaded.
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Especially for downloading fanfic. Which is easier to convert files for. Also, would I be able to browse with either one?
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See, I look at him and think he's kind of weird looking. He's scary tall and way too skinny. In fact I think he would look kind of silly in a swimsuit. His hair is too curly, his eyes kind of small and his nose reminds me a bit of Howdy Doody.

The minute I hear the theme music for Sherlock though it's like a switch is thrown and it's Hot Man Inside!!! For some reason being Sherlock makes it impossible to take my eyes off of him. I stare, I blush, I think pervy thoughts. Is it the coat? The arrogance? The chemistry with Martin Freeman?

It makes my head want to explode from the confusion. Why the hell is this funny looking beanpole so damn intriguing?

Martin Freeman's Watson is another kettle of fish. I watched the pilot again last night (for the millionth time) and I get all tight and breathless watching Watson and Mycroft's interaction. Watson is in a decidedly dangerous position with a man he can't trust that has "connections" of a mysterious sort, yet he never shows fear and never raises his voice in trying to out macho Mycroft. Instead he just says no while exuding this quiet, dangerous, knowledge that nothing on this green earth will make him give in. Nothing.

BAMF Watson is a thing to behold. He doesn't need big ass explosions, he's the guy that will quietly shoot you from afar and then go out for Chinese afterwards, all the while feeling smug because the only person who knows is the one he wants to know.

Oh show, please don't hurt me. I've been hurt twice this season by shows I gave my heart to, I need you and your slashy goodness to keep me believing in the goodness of mankind.


Jun. 8th, 2011 11:19 pm
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Watching Out In America on PBS and was feeling kind of down after the AIDS segment. During the break I checked Twitter and found Jared Padalecki and Misha Collins picking on each other. Put me in a much better mood for the rest of the, very excellent, program.