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So, I haven't been back here in  coon's age. Life has been pretty hectic and I'm exhausted.

I have a new granddaughter, Lillie Ried, that was born 7 weeks early. She did well for being a preemie. There is a problem with her hand though, she has been diagnosed with Apert's Syndrome but it's primarily in her hand. At least that's what the current testing is showing. Her left hand is missing some bones and it's formed together like a mitten. They will be able to make 2 fingers and a thumb out of it but it won't be very good for pinching motions.

Other than that she's doing well developmentally and she's as sweet as anything.

Since my grandson is in AP math and while in 6th grade needs to go to the Jr. High for his math classes, he's moved in with me. It's just impossible for his mom to drive him to school in the morning with 2 children under 2 and 1 of them just recently out of the hospital. I'm loving it though, we are having so much fun and, although very energetic, he's a sweet boy.

Work has been kicking my ass. We are putting new system's and processes in place and my boss' are driving me crazy with a zillion emails a day. On top of that we are going through major renovations of the offices and things are in total chaos. My office is losing about 18 inches in width but at least my walls won't have the paneling falling down anymore. Nice.

Gosh, I just haven't shut up have I? See what happens when I don't visit very often?


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