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Crap, I haven't read Dreamwidth/LJ in so long it took almost my entire lunch hour to catch up. Bad me. Not a whole lot happening though. Did notice Crack Van is posting Teen Wolf stories and I can't believe there are so many stories I just haven't read. Of course the fic has exploded in that fandom and a good story can be buried under the deluge. Plus, the fact I only go to the journals and AO3 to find them. Anything on Tumbler that isn't cross posted won't be found by me.

Still have a nice buzz from the election going on. I'll be honest, Obama won by a much larger margin than I thought he would.

I go to a Republican site to listen to them talk, it's a good way to not get buried by only one opinion. (I have a fear of becoming blinded to only one side and becoming a Fox News Lite). Anyway there are huge fights going on between moderate GOP members and the Tea Party/Christian Right. Each side is calling each other wrong.

What I find most disheartening, and one reason why I could never vote straight GOP, is the name calling. Single women are abortionists and low income people are lazy and greedy, wanting to be taken care of. I won't say it's all of them, some speak out about it, but I can say a lot of them feel that way. They have convinced themselves that the only reason Obama won was because he was offering "free stuff". Women get abortions and birth control, the poor get everything paid for and everyone else gets free health care.

I've voiced differing opinions a few times and have never been personally attacked, but I don't change minds. I don't raise too much of a stink there because it is their site. It was set up for young Republicans to go and discuss politics without censoring themselves.


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