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Anyway, it's season finale time so I'll post a few of my thoughts.

H50 - Man, this show went from awesome to whatever in 2.3 seconds. It started with the last few episodes of last season and, baring a few individual episodes, never came back. I'm ready to stop watching and just read the fic.

Criminal Minds - Now, I don't read fic for this but it's kind of like meatloaf. It's a go to show to kill some time. I have to say their season finale was great. It was bittersweet and had that family feel that I just adore. One thing this show does well is shows that these people like each other and hang around together when they aren't working. It wasn't a cliffhanger either, it just left me happy and looking forward to next season.

Person of Interest - Yikes! Talk about a nail biter. This show is really very good, with it's two leads being made up of private, private people working together and slowly building a friendship. The secondary characters are wonderful too, with Kevin Chapman standing out as Fusco making us care for this unattractive, formerly dirty cop now working for the good guys.

Back to the finale though. It was tight and tense with surprises and angst and holy moly, I'm amazed. So much was going on it should have felt rushed. Instead it felt packed to the brim and nearly perfect.

Grey's Anatomy - Nuff said.

Tonight it's Grimm and Supernatural. I can hardly wait.


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