Apr. 16th, 2012

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So, instead of listening to "real" books on the way to work and home, I listen to audiofic. What the hell, my job is stressful and it's a little joy (usually) to start the day with. It encourages me try new fandoms and authors. I also find some very good readers.

Well, I just finished listening to an old SGA story and thought I would put out the word that if you listen to audiofic you just might want to give this one a try. It's called Every Day In Every Way by VelocityGrass and read by General Jinjur.

I'll be honest, I love SGA. I'll also be honest again and say when I read stories I usually skim the sex. I've been reading fic since early Sentinel and between that and my, ahem... advancing years, I just don't find the sexy as hot as I used to. This story? 90% sex. But it's not. Yes it's full of sexy times but with each act you are with a John desperately in love with Rodney and trying, with gritted teeth and clenched hand, to keep that fact to himself, even as he's grateful for every single moment they spend together..

Rodney thinks it's an arrangement of convenience, even as he knows John is gay. Just two friends helping each other out until something better comes along. Until somehow, as time goes on, and he's starting to wonder if this just might be the best thing he's ever had.

The thing is, If I had read this story I probably would have missed out on a lot of important emotional connection. I would have skimmed, and still thought it was a pretty good read. Listening to General Jinjur's excellent reading of the story while I drove didn't allow that. Instead I found myself about 30 minutes in going "man, this is one hell of a story".

Anyway, to make a long story short, this is one of those stories that make me grateful for fanfic and the readers who also put in so much time bring us joy..


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